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Which Processes are Cutting Your Profits?

Some business processes are entirely wasteful. Despite this, they may endure within a company for many years, even decades, without ever being identified. This may be because they’re part of the company’s traditions or because they are processes that were once efficient but which have since become dated. A consultant, using the most advanced theories of workplace efficiency, can help to identify and eliminate those processes that are making your company less efficient and less profitable.

 There are some popular theories and practices used by such consultants. They include:

  • The 5Ss
  • The Theory of Constraints
  • Lean Manufacturing

 There are some procedures out there that actually generate more waste. These are procedures and theories that require that more effort be put toward maintaining them rather than that effort being put toward generating value. All of the theories and practices listed above concentrate on generating value, not generating paperwork and meetings about being more efficient. They universally deal with standardizing and making more efficient the company’s procedures and the spaces in which employees do their work, making them useful for any company and making them very good at bringing a company to the next level of profitability.

 The 5Ss, for example, address the way that employees do their job on a day-to-day basis. The Theory of Constraints provides a useful working model for finding and eliminating aspects of your business flow that obstruct the generation of revenue. Lean Manufacturing is a theory that concentrates on developing those parts of your manufacturing process that bring in profits, while eliminating those that do not, no matter how obscure those inefficient practices may be. Together, they provide a company with all the tools it needs to generate more profit and to incur less expense and waste doing so.



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