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What is Change Management?

Change management is a systematic approach to change and it works on both the organizational and individual level. It is used by companies to help them transition from a present state to something new. This business strategy also works to empower employees and to help them accept changes in workplace.

Companies will have to face change at some point or another. When the need for it does arise, it is important for companies to promote a smooth transition. Doing so will benefit the organization as a whole, its employees, and the people it services.

For successful change to take place, the following have to present:

  • Vision – It is important that organizations have a vision or an awareness that change is needed.
  • Skills – To implement change, organizations need to have the necessary skills to implement it properly.
  • Incentives – This is necessary to help the change process go easier for the employees. They can also help motivate employees to accept the changes happening within the organization.
  • Resources – This involves identifying and having the resources necessary for change.
  • Direction – Goals need to be set in order to give direction to change.

 Change can be very beneficial for a company, but there are going to be some changes that produce a lot of resistance. In managing organizational change, it is important that the workers are supported throughout the entire process.

 Ensuring a large Buy In from the members of the organization is also necessary in change management. Buy In is the degree of support from the employees as well as understanding that change is necessary to further the company as a whole.

 Informing the employees of the different steps to be taken can help decrease resistance. Celebrating milestones and short-term wins can also help to make business transformation more favorable to employees.



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