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What is a Visual Workplace?

More and more companies are turning their factories and production lines into visual workplaces and for good reason. Visual workplaces help keep communication going and they urge people to work as a team and not just as individuals. They also help to keep things going on schedule. But, what actually is a Virtual Workplace?

visual workplace


A visual workplace is defined as self-regulating and self-explaining environment. It is characterized by the presence of visual devices that help guide people and help them set their priorities. In such a workplace, visual devices help keep things ordered and help keep things running on schedule.

Visual Devices

Visual devices are an important part of a virtual workplace. Some functions of virtual devices include:

• Showing Area Designations – Visuals showing the names of the specific areas in the work floor will help orient new employees and it will also facilitate travelling from one area to another.
• Preventing Accidents – Even reminders as simple as a board that says ‘Wet Floor’ can decrease the incidence of accidents.
• Preventing Defects – Visual reminders of the right way and the wrong way to do assemble something can keep workers on tract.
• Providing Easy Access – Visual devices showing the ideal places for personnel access can reduce confusion and make things go faster.
• Sharing Common Work Priorities – This is another way to keep people on tract and keep them

Devices should be tailored to the type of workplace you have. Employees should also be properly informed about how to work with the devices properly.

Factories are not the only ones that can benefit from a visual workplace. There are many companies that are looking at the possibility of it and of visual management for offices. Taking down barriers to improve visibility and setting common long term and short term goals can work will certainly help improve efficiency.



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