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Tips for Effective Lean Leadership

Lean leadership is an important practice for any company that wants to be more efficient. It is a targeted form of leadership that is more focused on moving things forward instead of managing every single detail. It is important in change management and in the success of companies who want to implement lean manufacturing.

Here are some tips to help make lean leadership more effective:

Lead and Teach

Many leaders forget the teaching aspect of the role. To become an effective leader, one needs to be able to teach. This is especially necessary when there change is implemented and when there are new techniques and business strategies to be learned. Leaders should not just be experts, instead they should be a resource where employees can go to for assistance.

Find the Middle Ground Between Fear and Comfort

Fear is going to cause a lot of stress and it may even lead to dissent among employees. On the other hand, comfort can lead to decrease in production. Lean leaders must learn to eliminate these two scenarios or at least find the middle ground between them.

Tension and Not Stress

They also need to learn how to build tension instead of stress. Tension will keep things going at a steady or at a faster rate. Stress will slow things down.

Provide Forward Work Instead of Just Tasks

When there is a goal to be met, it is important for a leader to not only delegate a job but also to provide a progressive workload. Have employees move towards a goal. It is also necessary to appraise a team’s performance based on its goals.

In addition to the above, it is also important for a lean leader to be an information conduit instead of being a rigid enforcer of rules. There has to be an open communication between the leader and the people they work with.



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