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Tier 1 – BizWORX Maturity Model

The first tier in the BizWORX Performance System (BPS) concentrates on 16 key fundamental for ALL businesses to create a predictable and sustainable enterprise. We have identified 8 areas to focus on within the business and 8 areas to focus on with the people with it. Here are the 16 fundamentals and the basis of the Maturity Model:

The Business

  • Vision – an inspirational view of the desired future state
  • Mission – describes why your business exists and its primary purpose
  • Structure – How the business is aligned and structured to achieve the vision, mission & strategy set forth
  • Roles & Responsibilities – This is specific to each position within the structure and clearly defines what the role entails and what this position is responsible for
  • Policies – The rules and guidelines in which the business operates by
  • Processes & Procedures – Documenting “how” work is performed to drive standardization throughout the business
  • Systems – Connects activities and processes within the value stream, creating synergies that create an effect greater than the sum of its parts (information systems, quality system, etc.).  These can be manual or automated.
  • Performance Metrics – measures put in place to drive consistent behavior and to measure actual performance versus organizational goals

The People

  • Accountability – holding others responsible for meeting the expectations as mutually agreed upon or set forth
  • Discipline – following expectations as communicated by the business (i.e. policies, processes & procedures)
  • Communication – internal and external, verbal and non-verbal, formal and informal
  • Knowledge – education gained through formal and informal training regarding the business
  • Change Culture – willingness and execution of everyone within the business to drive continuous improvement
  • Execution – getting things done as mutually agreed upon or set forth
  • Expectations – verbal and non-verbal guidelines in which we operate by
  • Emotional Intelligence – the ability to identify, assess, and manage your emotion and the emotions of others (individuals or group)

Through years of working with various businesses and business leaders we have found that many of the root causes of the day-to-day issues stem from some key fundamental areas.  We have broken these into sixteen areas – eight on the business side and eight on the people side.

Just like in sports, the fundamentals are key to highly performing teams and businesses.  There is a reason that sports teams practice tackling and blocking, shooting and rebounding, hitting and catching, etc.  Even though these are some of the best professionals in the world, you will always find them practicing the basic fundamentals.

So why in the business world do we spend so little time refining and focusing on these fundamentals?  If most of the root causes stem from these fundamentals, shouldn’t we be focusing on these on a daily basis?

To help businesses focus on these key areas we have developed a maturity model that will allow leaders to assess their current state, define future goals within each area, and develop a strategy to climb the maturity ladder in these areas.

By using this maturity model leaders can establish a focused culture that can begin driving out the variation within the business, which helps everyone focus on the right priorities and not fixing the problem of the day.