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There’s No Better Time to Improve than Now!

Why is it that we put off improvement until later, or tomorrow?  Too many people wait until it’s too late to make the necessary improvements, especially during the good times.  It’s always important to drive a continuous improvement mindset within your organization, but don’t wait until times get tough.  This is the time when many leaders are looking to cut costs (expenses, not necessarily from improvements), so the budget isn’t always there to pay for improvements.  The question I always ask is, “How much does it cost you by not focusing/spending money on improvements – even in bad times?”  Believe me, there is low hanging fruit out there that you don’t even realize.  Having a trained set of eyes look for hidden opportunities can paid HUGE dividends.

My main takeaway that I want to drive home is that there’s no better time than now to drive improvements throughout your organization, and sometimes that means you have to spend money (invest) to make money (return on investment).  You wouldn’t believe how many times I have seen someone say that we can spend a few hundred dollars, maybe even a couple of thousand in order to make drastic improvements within the business.  Many times they would have a return on their investment in the first couple of months.  After that it’s money in their pocket.



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