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The Two Schools of Change Management

change management

Historically, change management is looked at through two predominant perspectives. The first perspective comes from an engineer’s point of view and is focused more on Mechanical Change or on the business process alone. The second looks at the people involved in the change.

Both can be used independent of one another in order to create change in certain areas. In most instances, however, applying the two at once may be the most helpful business strategy

Machines and Processes

This business transition POV is more focused on changing the processes itself. If a machine is outdated and requires upgrades, this will be very helpful. It starts by addressing business issues and making improvements to a process.

Success is measured based on improved performance and increased profit. Statistical metrics are also be used to measure success in this field, this includes an improved rate of production and better utilization of a machine. It takes a direct approach at changing the mechanics and the process, hardly is it going to look at anything else.

Focusing on this is going to help create effective solutions and efficient processes.

Human Resources

This business strategy looks more at how people are affected by change. It starts with looking at the degree of resistance expected and at how much buy in the company will have. The goal is to increase job satisfaction with employees.

Success is measured by looking at a company’s turnover rate and their productivity levels. One of the main concerns here is to help individuals to make sense of the organizational change implemented and what that change means for them. By focusing on this, companies will help have employees who are receptive to changes.

Adhering to the extremes of one side of the other is rarely a successful business strategy. It is then important to take something from each point of view and apply them to the ongoing change.



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