BizWORX | One Company, Many Solutions

What We Do

Help companies facilitate organizational change that sustains over time by training and educating employees at all levels of the organization on change management principles, ensuring continuous improvement. 

  • Train, educate, and deploy key factors that lead to driving organizational change
  • Lead organizations through strategy development sessions
  • Assist in the strategy deployment process through project management and execution
  • Develop and launch continuous improvement programs

Change Management

Whether you’re a leader taking over a new organization or getting settled into a new position within your current company one of the most important challenges you’ll need to succeed at is implementing change that will sustain over the course of time.  Change is hard for any of us to accept, so creating a following that buys into your vision and executes it in a timely manner is easier said than done.  Regardless how brilliant your vision and strategy is, if you don’t have people to help get it implemented and a culture willing to accept it, it’s not going to do anyone much good.

Below is a description of the three focus areas in which we assist clients:

Strategy Development & Deployment

  • Lead companies through vision and strategy sessions, creating a creative and team environment
  • Teach various tools and methodologies to create alignment throughout the organization to identify the “right” projects that enable the organization to meet its goals and strategy

Continuous Improvement Program Implementation & Deployment

  • Assist clients in developing and/or furthering their program for continuous improvement, including, but not limited to Lean, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints
    • Develop training curriculums and programs that will educate employees at all levels of the organization on various tools and methodologies that will impact the bottom line, top line, and improve cash flow

Project Management & Execution

  • Lead, manage, and/or facilitate projects that have been identified in the strategy development process
  • Utilize the DMAIC and PDCA problem solving process to address gaps between current state and organizational goals