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Steps to Effective Change Leadership

The need for change is a recognized one. Companies are aware that in order to survive, they need to be willing and ready for change. However, despite all the talk and all the preparation, many change efforts fail. Why is that?
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8 necessary steps to effective Change Management and Change Leadership

John Kotter, author of ‘Leading Change’ has outlined 8 steps that are necessary to effective change management and change leadership. These steps are:
1. Create Urgency – Some of the most successful change efforts have resulted from creating a sense of urgency. This business strategy is going to get people to move. Motivation is always necessary.
2. Create a Group to Implement Change – There has to be a group of people who will be doing the actual work. This group will be responsible for keeping things moving forward. Without this change management group, things could easily fall off track.
3. Have a Vision – A Vision is going to give organizational change some direction. The vision needs to adhere to the SMART categories of goal setting. It is going to be helpful in motivation efforts and it will help keep things aligned.
4. Communicate the Vision – Change agents should communicate their vision for change to their employees, stake holders, and to the other people who will be affected by change. It will create a better understanding and acceptance of the things that are about to happen.
5. Lead to Act on the Vision – There need to be change leaders who will be in charge of leading other people towards acting on the established vision.

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7. Keep the Pace Moving – It is important to celebrate small victories, but victory should not be declared too soon as it disrupts momentum. Instead, things have to keep moving forward.
8. Institutionalize Changes – People involved in the change should be shown how things are going. Changes need to be made permanent, if not, they could easily degrade.
Change is going to take time. Skipping steps in an effort to speed things up can result in some disastrous consequences.


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