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Operational Assessments

A BizWORX Operational Assessment is the essential first step in understanding the full realm of what’s possible.  Unlike traditional benchmarks, it provides actionable recommendations across the value stream to meet your strategic needs.  The assessment intensely analyses how your current operation is functioning and identifies strengths and key deficiencies that need to be addressed.  Everything is expressed within the context of your operational needs, while using our BizWORX Improvement Model as the guide to identify the opportunities within your current business strategy.

We take an overall value stream approach for the assessment, which includes more than ten operational areas of your business, such as process, people, infrastructure and metrics, and the results are presented in a high-level executive format as well as in summary with specific details and examples.  The assessment graphically depicts:  (1) identification of defects, gaps, areas of risk, (2) measurement of the adequacy of the output, and (3) assessment of the reliability of the operations, which you can use immediately to prioritize and initiate improvement activities.

With a BizWORX Operational Assessment in hand, your executives are equipped to seek additional investments or to pursue cost and quality improvements through strategic change initiatives.