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Change Management

 What is Change Management and Why Do You Need It?

Change Management, also referred to as Business Transformation Management, is a process that involves managing the different aspects of change. It will not only handle the mechanical changes implemented, but it also involves managing how organizational change is affecting the people involved.

Why Change?

A business needs to be dynamic in order to succeed and being dynamic involves constantly moving forward, being dynamic involves change.

Even a small corner shop selling homemade pastries can benefit from changing their business strategy. Instead of just selling from their storefront, they can open an online shop. Doing so will keep them relevant and it will also bring in new revenue. The same principles can apply to a bigger organization.

If you are asking yourself whether change is necessary for your business, the answer is always going to be YES. What’s variable is the degree of change to be implemented.

Take your company to a higher level and change things up for the better. Make use of Change Management and the right change management models to help you succeed.

Why Change Management?

It can be so easy to dismiss the need for change management. Why is that? It’s because many people underestimate the effect that change is going to have on them and on their employees.

Always keep in mind that despite its necessity, change is going to be stressful.

Business transformation, no matter how small, can still cause conflict. This is why change management is important. It is a way for you to plan your moves properly so that you encounter as few problems as possible and since resistance is inevitable, the right change management models can also help you handle it properly.

What Can Go Wrong Without Change Management?

So many things! There are so many things that can go wrong when you try to implement change without proper change management.

At the very least, you will have dissatisfied employees and a significant degree of conflict. You could also be looking at change failure that will cost you revenue and at worst, change with no change management can lead to the complete loss of your company.

Here are just some of the things that can go wrong if you try to go at it without change management:

  • Low Degree of Buy-In From Employees
  • Low Degree of Employee Satisfaction
  • High Degree of Resistance
  • A Decrease in Productivity Rates
  • Employee Confusion
  • Miscommunication Leading to Conflict
  • An Increasing Amount of Onsite Accidents and Product Rejects
  • Significant Revenue Loss
  • Client Dissatisfaction and Loss of Loyal Clientele

Change will affect people and to let it happen without change management is simply irresponsible, one can even call doing it Self Sabotage.

How Can Change Management Help?

Change management applies to the different phases of change from Planning to Implementation and to Evaluation. It will help a company seek out the best possible paths to implementing change.


  • Brainstorming
  • Choosing the Best Path Towards Change
  • Using Lean Production Evaluation Tools
  • Creating the Group Which Will Implement Change
  • Creating Support Groups
  • Information Dissemination


During the implementation change of organizational transformation, change management can help lay down plans to provide the following:

Employee Support


Evaluation is necessary to organizational change. Here are ways that change management can help make this process go smoother.

Progressive Reviews

  • Short Term Wins
  • Reassessment

Change is crucial, but it has to be implemented right. Don’t skip steps just to get ahead. Use change management to help make things easier and help you grow your company and get the success you want.