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Make Sure You’re Setting Clear Expectations

All too often leaders make the mistake of assuming that each and every employee knows what is expected of them.  I have found that this isn’t always the case.  What we think is common knowledge to others may indeed be a misperception.  Don’t make the, all too common, mistake of assuming people know what we expect.

How do you know if you’ve set clear expectations?

  • Monitor the variability in your key outputs.  It could be driven by the two of you not being on the same page.
  • Pay attention to poor performance.  Drive to the root cause of the issue.
  • Have an open door policy and ask for honest feedback

Tips for establishing clear expectations:

  • Make them accept the expectation
  • Set timetables for the expectations
  • Make them well defined and measurable
  • Follow through to measure performance

It’s not just important to set the expectation(s), but also explain why.  This helps everyone get on the same page and will help buy-in from the whole.  If they don’t know why they’re being told to do something you run the risk of them ignoring it, or simply doing it their way.  Last, make sure what you’re asking of them is realistic and something that you yourself would do if in their position.  Nothing ruins moral faster by setting unrealistic or unattainable expectations.



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