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Key Factors in a Change Management Strategy

There are is no one size fits all formula in change management, as each change will be different. Consider the following changes:

–       Getting clients and suppliers to use web based forms

–       Releasing new products

–       Reorganization

–       Introducing new processes

–       Acquiring a company

Each is different from the other, but each one is going to require effective change management and change leadership. Despite a common goal, each one is going to require the right approach and it is up to change managers to bring into effect a solid change management process.

Creating a strategy to carry out business transformation is the first step in the process. A strategy will be the one to provide direction and can help with informed decision-making. The strategy also adds to the creation of further change management plans.

To create an effective strategy, here are some of the factors that need to be considered:

  • Organizational Characteristics – The individual characteristics of an organization is going to be an integral player in the kind of business transformation process it will need. Change leaders should consider how open an organization is to change and how quickly everyone can adapt.  
  •  Nature of Change – Business transformation happens for a reason and it is important to identify what these reasons are. Knowing the them are going to help change agents get a good idea of how things are going to progress.
  • Risk – There will always be a degree of risk associated with change. Companies will need to calculate the are involved before they move towards changing anything. In the end, some companies might want to make sure that risks do not outweigh the benefits.  
  • Affected Groups and Predicted Resistance – Change is going to affect some group or another in the organization. Identifying these groups will help to give them the support they need.
  • Support Structures – Each change management strategy should also involve indentifying the people involved in the process. This includes those who will be doing the actual work and the people who can provide support.


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