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Oil & Gas

Whether it be improving rig move times, drilling times, hole completion, or organizing what a lease operator carries in the truck, Lean techniques can be applied to help improve performance, and ultimately, production for the oil and gas industry, as well as manufacturing. Originally developed by the Japanese automobile manufacturing industry, Lean is a collection of tools to reduce waste and increase process speed. Lean tools include process mapping, standardization, mistake proofing (including visual instructions), and set up time reduction in the rig up and rig down processes.

Not only will Lean techniques reduce the mobilization cycle times, it can greatly improve the spud (breaking ground) to nipple down (capping the hole) cycle time. The quicker the hole is complete the sooner it goes into production. There are a number of Lean tools that are effective in accomplishing this; workplace organization (6S with Safety being a key element), single-minute exchange of dies (SMED), visual controls, and ergonomic analysis.

Keeping the rig drilling is how money is made, so when the rig is in transit or is being set-up it’s not adding value for your company. Focusing on reducing the rig move cycle time & the hole completion cycle time not only saves your company money, but also allows you to drill more holes per year and driving top line results.