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Lean is first and foremost a philosophy and methodology for reducing waste. It has its origins in the automotive industry in

Toyota. Since the label lean production was applied to what Toyota does in the late 80s,

business professionals have applied Lean Thinking to service and to construction as well as to

manufacturing. Many of the thinking tools developed in Toyota apply in any context.

Because construction and design are project-based activities, not all tools developed to

support lean manufacturing work in construction – equally there are tools developed in

project-based production settings that have limited applicability in manufacturing. Ditto

for Service. Whatever tools we chose and deploy, their effect will be enhanced if

they are introduced in the context of a lean philosophy in a Lean Eterprise.

BizWORX has successfully transitioned Lean Thinking to the construction industry. We have taken the same tools and philosophies that have been used across numerous other industries and applied them on construction projects. We use tools like Theory of Constraints, 6S, Standard Operating Procedures, Mistake Proofing, and many other tools to form our Lean Construction approach.

Whether you’re taking on a new project, or need help with an existing one, BizWORX can help get your project back on-track and begin removing the waste within all processes to drive down your overall project cost.