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Industries Served

Our consultants have worked in various industries, helping companies remove waste and variation throughout their entire value stream. We’re dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to drive improved financial performance for your company, impacting profitability, cash flow, and revenue.

  • Aerospace  Our professionals have Aerospace and Defense experience across multiple disciplines including: Supply Chain Management, Program Management, Quality, Product Development, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Lean Engineering and Change Management.
    • The Aerospace industry is often a combination of public enterprise (NASA) and private enterprise, which may be US based (such as Lockheed Martin) or global in nature.  Our professionals are capable in all Aerospace sectors.
  • Automotive  Our automotive professionals have the industry experience to help you get your company on track in this ever changing industry.
    • The automotive industry has a broad and international market.  From the original US manufactured automobile to the current, multinational spectrum of vehicles, parts, accessories, and development the US automotive industry is changing the way we work and think.  Let our experts’ help you streamline, change and succeed.
  • Oil & Gas  Our professionals can help in improving rig move times; from drilling times and hole completion, to organizing what a lease operator carries in the truck.  Lean techniques can be applied to help improve your organization’s performance, and production.
    • Always a hot topic and an ever changing industry, oil and gas are part of the petroleum industry.  Fuel oil and gasoline are the largest sectors in the petroleum industry.  The petroleum industry includes exploration, extraction, refining, transportation and marketing of petroleum products. Petroleum is also the raw material for many chemical products, including pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, and plastics.  BizWORX has the experts for all your needs.
  • Healthcare BizWORX has used its world class techniques, and processes to successfully create lean healthcare businesses.
    • Healthcare is an ever broadening industry, one often spoken of as our largest growing industry due to the aging of our baby boomer population.  The health care industry includes services and products dedicated to improving the population’s health.  The health care industry may include health care equipment, services, pharmaceuticals, research, medical science and much more.  From nursing to robotics, the health care industry is an ever changing and growing industry and BizWORX understands those changing needs.
  • Construction  BizWORX has successfully transitioned Lean Thinking to the construction industry. We have taken the same tools and philosophies that have been used across numerous other industries and applied them to construction projects with great success!
    • The construction industry is the process of constructing infrastructure.  Part of this industry may be design, engineering, architecture, inspecting, planning, project management, infrastructure, logistics, environment, legalities and much, much, more.  BizWORX understands the intricacies of each step and sector of the industry.
  • Heavy Steel Manufacturing  Our professionals have helped clients in the heavy steel industry to reduce project cost and cycle time, while improving the quality and reliability of their key processes.
    • Members of the Heavy Steel Manufacturing Industry produce steel by melting iron ore, scrap metal, and other additives in furnaces. The output is then turned into finished steel products of a vast array of types.  Producing steel from scrap metal has become a large part of the Heavy Metal Manufacturing Industry in the US.  We are experienced in the successful application of Lean Manufacturing methodologies in the Heavy Steel Manufacturing Industry.
  • Warehousing & Distribution We take pride in our hands on approach, working with all levels of your organization to drive the culture change needed to create lasting results in Warehousing & Distribution.
    • The Warehousing and Distribution Industries may include the storage and transportation of a myriad of goods.  Warehousing facilities store general merchandise, refrigerated goods, frozen and other products. These establishments provide facilities to store goods and keep them secure. Our staff is exceptionally talented in managing these processes.  Transportation may include over the road transportation, rail transportation and plane transportation. This industry needs the logical organization and approach in which our experts excel.