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Increasing Efficiency in the Workplace

Since the Industrial Revolution began, managers have been trying to make their workplaces more efficient. In the era of Taylorism, this often meant reducing the workers to the level of machines, tasking them with repetitive, mind-numbing jobs that gave them no sense of importance or ownership over what they did. Today, the various philosophies of industrial efficiency take into account the human element and, in the process of making the industry more efficient, they also make that industry more conducive to happy workers who understand their importance in the company’s success.

 The 5S concept, for example, makes the workplace more livable for employees while, at the same time, making it immensely more efficient. By eliminating wasted time looking for needed tools and supplies and by adhering to strict standards of cleanliness, employees are provided with a workplace that allows them to excel at what they do. The end result is that your company enjoys an increase in the value of your entire manufacturing process and that employees understand that they are vital to the company and that the conditions under which they labor are of the utmost importance to management.

 Safety is always a significant concern of successful companies. Fostering an environment where waste is eliminated also fosters an environment where communication is maximized, which has the benefit of increasing the safety of the business on the whole. Cleanliness itself eliminates many of the common hazards that employees face and, therefore, it is one of the 5 Ss in the 5S design. Having a consultant take an objective look at your manufacturing processes can make them much more efficient and, at the same time, open new opportunities for your company to better serve your customers and your employees, and become more profitable as a result.



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