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How Lean Strategies Can Help Your Business Thrive

The lean strategy actually concerns an antiquated manufacturing process invented by Toyota.  However, its strategies are very helpful in helping new business owners to focus on priorities and eliminate wasteful processes.  The basic goal of lean strategy is that the company saves the same value but stops the over expenditure of resources.

The value is the action or process that a customer finds appealing and is willing to pay for.  If this system is incorporated accurately, then there should be no negative consequences; the end result is the same value for even less work.  In order to incorporate lean thinking into an operational company, it is important to consider two perspectives.

First, that of company core competencies.  You must determine what the value you offer is and what the customer expects from you.  Next, you must study the production process and look for ways to improve.  You must create an action plan and then inform your personnel of new implementations.  Track your results and ensure that there is a recurring theme in all of your processes.  Whatever is not contributing to value is wasteful and it can be eliminated. 

Once this strategy is implemented, there is a smooth “flow” to the work.  The assessment process of lean ensures that problems in production will be exposed.  Waste reduction is not a goal per say, but naturally occurs following an objective assessment of the system.

It’s important to note that many companies have actually gone out of business because they didn’t understand the true principles of lean.  They understand the concept of downsizing—but reckless downsizing can lead to a compromise in quality and in quantity.  Lean strategy is not about taking away resources from smooth running systems, but about eliminating wasteful processes that have been discovered.

If you incorporate a lean strategy within your company your business can thrive.  Why not look into professional consulting today?



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