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How Effective is Your Organization’s Discipline?

Are things not getting done or happening like you expect within your organization?  Why is that?  Is it because there are too many things on everyone’s’ plate?  Is it that they don’t know what or how to perform the tasks that are expected of them, or does it come down to a discipline issue within the organization?

Not always, but more times than not I’ve found that it comes down to discipline.  By nature, people like to do things their way, and if tolerated they chose to do it this way.  Why?  Because we as leaders have allowed and continue to allow them to get away with it.

What this does…

  • Causes variability throughout the value stream
  • Negative impact on high performers and others trying to do the right thing

What you can do about it…

  • Make sure that your leaders set clear expectations
  • Maintain action lists to ensure follow through
  • Be fair, consistent & timely with repercussions


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