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nline community nike air max 90 negras mujer

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8:28 pm
August 23, 2016



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My brother is a college Volley Ball coach. Last season the team held an online
auction to raise money to defray team expenses. He hired an auction service to
hold the auction and then sent out the team to get donations from local business
to be auctioned off. It worked well and the team raised quite a bit of money for
their worthy cause. But they could have made more profit if they didn?t have to
pay for the auction service. They did get a lot of support from the
community nike
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 , but there was no long term recognition
of the business making the donations. According to Ken Berger CEO of Charity
Navigator (charity watchdog) We find the best fundraising efforts for most
charities, cost no more than 10 cents to raise a dollar. As an SEO, Search
Optimizer and a charity minded businessman, three things occurred to me. 1) Why
does Charity have to pay for Fund Raising? 2) What if Business and Charity could
work together on fundraising to promote each other? 3) How much more money would
be raised for charity if it were leveraged and promoted across the world wide
web? If I ran the world nike
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 , how much would I charge a Charity to raise
money? Ten cents on the dollar seems a little high. I mean it doesn?t seem like
much if you are selling one box of cookies. But say you want to really raise
money for charity. Let?s say you want to raise ten million dollars for the
children?s hospital. That would mean I would pay out one million to raise ten.
Only I really want Ten Million to go to the Hospital not nine million. I think
all the money raised should actually go to the charity. The Service to raise the
money should be free, no charge. When my children were young, they were involved
in a youth league baseball team. The coach was a local tire store owner. He gave
of his time and made every kid on the team feel like a winner. To tell the truth
I don?t remember if they ever won a game. My kids are full grown but my whole
family still buys all our tires from that guy.He is a part of our community and
we want him around. Then there is the case of our local Ford Dealership. They
have been in business for over one hundred years. Pretty phenomenal considering
that there have been a few times that there were no new cars being made during
that time. One of their secrets is that they give a lot to the community. Good
service is a lot of it but they also give of their time to support the youth of
the area. They have made themselves a valuable part of our corner of the world.
And that is really the point behind what I am trying to say. If you look at the
World Wide Web like a community, and you make your business an invaluable part
of it nike
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 , The members of that community will want
to support you. You still have to be good at what you do, give good service, but
the good will toward your business will add to your visibility and success.
Athletes and entertainers that quietly give to help others earn admiration that
outlives even them. There is one more really important part of this cooperation
between Charity and Business. Being a part of charity establishes trust. In the
world of online business, nothing and I mean no other single element is so
important. If your business looses the trust of the online community nike
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 , you might as well close the doors and
turn out the lights. Every Online business should understand that everything it
can do to build trust and confidence is absolutely critical. One of the great
ways to establish that kind of trust is to partner with Charity. Giving to
Charity and being recognized for doing so lends confidence to the consumer. It
lends faith that the company will be there in the future. It shows conviction to
causes outside of itself. Consumers that see the business commitment to a cause
share that passion. It becomes more personal. For Charity, having business
donate is nothing new. It has always been essential. But to give recognition for
it in a new way that helps promote those that give is to the benefit of both.
When Business profits from the exposure it is prompted to repeat the cycle of
giving. Success makes it possible. What does this have to do with SEO? In Search
Engine Optimization one of the more important factors in good search ranking is
how your site is connected to other websites. Your website should point to other
websites that would be helpful to your human visitors. These are Out Bound
Links. You also want other websites to point (link) to yours with In Bound
Links. Links are what make up the World Wide Web, one website connecting to
another. Search Engines use links to determine a websites relevance to that
community. How It Works We developed and Host a Free Auction Service built
specifically and exclusively to serve nonprofit organizations for fund raising
purposes. There are no fees or charges for the service. There is no advertising
on the auction site to detract attention from the fund raising effort of the
charity. All money raised from the auction goes directly to the charity. Each
Charity will have a dedicated auction so that all money raised from their
auction will go directly to their account. No charges or fees for business
making donations to the auction. Any business listing an item for donation to
charity will be able to do so for free. That business will be notified by email
when the item has been sold, who the winning bidder is to make arrangements for
delivery. Once the item is sold nike
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 , there will be a dedicated page of thanks to
that business for the generous donation that will include a description of the
item donated and a link to the business website. Better than a plaque to hang on
the wall, this is a connection in recognition of philanthropy visible to the

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