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debt which adidas superstar supercolor womens

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7:43 pm
September 9, 2016



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ichel Platini adidas
superstar supercolor green
 , the UEFA president, has already made
quite an impression since his appointment. He has already reached an agreement
over disputed matters, which resulted in the G14 group disbanding, so
withdrawing the threat that it would form a breakaway European league.

European Club Association (ECA) is being established in its place and the
planned make-up means that a majority of its members will almost certainly be
supportive of Platini's plans. The chairmain of the ECA, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge,
has stated "Football is sick". The former Germany striker told Kicker magazine
"I read a statistic which says 85% of all professional football clubs are
running at a loss".

I have had a look at the main problems that seem to
be affecting world football and how we could begin to solve them, including
inflated transfer fees, sky-high player wages, clubs heavily in debt and
proposed rules on player quotas.

Transfer fees
Is Cristiano Ronaldo or
Kaka worth 80 million pounds? If a player wants to leave a club then the minimum
that the player should leave for is the value of the remainder of his contract.
For example, if Joe Cole is on 75,000 pounds a week, that equates to 3.6 million
pounds a year. If he has 4 years remaining, his minimum value is 14.4 million
pounds yet if he has two years remaining he is worth just 7.2 million pounds.
These are quite realistic values that are often paid for players of this
calibre. But, this minimum valuation ensures that clubs are not held to ransom.

Yet adidas
superstar supercolor blue
 , should there be a maximum limit? For
example, maybe if twice the value of the remaining contract is offered then it
has to be accepted. A realistic way of implementing this would be setting a
release clause in every players contract, which would be reviewed yearly. So, if
players sign an extension then their release value could rise, whereas if they
continue to work out their current contract then their release value would

Release clause value = 2 x remaining contract value

relating to the previous example, if Joe Cole had a four year contract and Real
Madrid offered 28.8 million pounds then the offer would have to be accepted.
Whereas, if he only had two years remaining the release clause would be
activated at 14.4 million pounds. Although at first glance it may seem that
bigger clubs could take advantage of the smaller clubs. The smaller clubs would
be able to re-invest any money from players sold into similar players as they
won't be held to ransom, as players will always be available for between one and
two times their remaining contract.

Spiraling wages
It would not be
possible to 'fairly' implement these regulation without getting to grips with
the financial issues in football, particularly rising wages. Deloitte, a top
business advisory firm, recommends a 55 per cent wages to turnover ratio to
ensure financial stability. Only three Premiership clubs currently meet that
criteria; Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham. I believe Chelsea's ratio is
around 70 per cent, 133 million pounds on wages adidas
superstar supercolor pink
 , out of 190 million pounds turnover.

UEFA president Michel Platini has set his sights on reforming the
finances of Europe's top clubs. He has warned that Europe's governing body is
going to "fight very seriously" to restrict entry into the Champions League and
Uefa Cup for clubs that are in debt. I believe it wouldn't be right not to allow
clubs entry due to debt. I will look at this in more detail later. I think that
clubs should be allowed to participate as long as they demonstrate
sustainability. Platini should look at implementing the 55 percent turnover

This could be phased in to ensure clubs have time to reassess
their spending. I.e Season 1, no criteria for wages to turnover ratio; Season 2,
maximum 65 per cent wages to turnover ratio; Season 3, 60 per cent wages to
turnover ratio; Season 4, 55 per cent wages to turnover ratio. Any club that
defies these regulations could be banned from playing in European competitions
until they meet the criteria.

The regulations on transfer fees and wages
would have to be introduced together and implemented throughout Europe by UEFA.
To ensure global competitiveness, i think it would be vital that FIFA also
adopted the regulations to ensure they were administered worldwide. As if
European teams were restricted in terms of the wages they offer, etc, then a
different league could take advantage. For example, if the Premier League, Serie
A, and all European leagues restrict the amounts players can earn, then maybe
the MLS could offer 'mega-deals' to players in order to create a super-league in

Levels of Debt
Back to our current world super league, the
English Permiership. There is no doubt that this is currently the world's top
league, emphasised by the fact that two english teams competed in the final.
UEFA president Michel Platini warned that "this success is often built on an
unsustainable level of debt which adidas
superstar supercolor womens
 , in all fairness, is distorting the
level playing field in Europe".

That warning is pertinent to the two
Premiership clubs that reached the Champions League Final in Moscow with their
talented, highly paid squads, and staggering levels of debt. Manchester United
and Chelsea have acquired almost equal shares of a combined 1.5 billion pounds
owed to creditors in contrasting styles, illustrating the random nature of
takeover. Chelsea's debt takes the form of an interest free loan from Roman

Whereas the Glazer family bought United in 2005 with huge
borrowings, and loaded their own debts and swingeing interest payments on the
club. United's most recent accounts showed

4:58 am
September 10, 2016




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