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11:46 pm
September 26, 2016



posts 399

theory of everything (TOE) is a theory that fully explains and links together
all known physical phenomena. Nevertheless http://www.packersfanspro.com/…..ml?cat=874 ,
this theory hasn't been found yet.

After Albert Einstein's general
theory of relativity was published in 1915, the search for the theory of
everything combining gravity with electromagnetism began. Though Einstein
thought it was possible to find such a theory, many physicists thought the task
was impossible. The "doubting Thomases" continue to this day.

Einstein believed that a theory combining gravity with electromagnetism would
have the ability to fully explain and link together all known physical
phenomena. I agree.

Sadly, Albert Einstein died trying to find such a
theory. Though he never found it, he left behind a very valuable hint. The hint
lies in his mass-energy equivalence formula. Using basic physics, I'll attempt
to uncover the theory of everything (TOE) that's buried deep within Einstein's
mass-energy equivalence formula.


In physics, mass-energy equivalence is the concept that mass is energy,
and energy is mass. This relationship is expressed using the mass-energy
equivalence formula

E = mc2


E = energy,
m =
c2 = the speed of light squared.


F = ma (force equals mass multiplied by acceleration) is the second law
of motion proposed by Sir Isaac Newton.

F = ma teaches us that
accelerating or enlarging an object increases its force.

For example, a
car hitting a brick wall while accelerating to 100 mileshour hits the wall more
forcefully than a car accelerating to 10 mileshour, if both cars have the same
mass. Likewise, a 10-pound bowling ball hits bowling pins more forcefully than a
1-pound bowling ball, if both balls accelerate at the same speed.

F = ma
can be rewritten as m = Fa.

Therefore Einstein's mass-energy equivalence
formula "E = mc2" can be rewritten as "E = Fa x c2."


Albert Einstein's equivalence principle states that
acceleration and gravity are equivalent.

Two scenarios illustrate this.

First Scenario: Let's suppose you're standing in your kitchen holding a
cup of coffee. You release the cup. The cup falls to the kitchen floor, spilling
coffee on the floor.

Second Scenario: Let's suppose you jumped out of a
highflying airplane while holding a cup of coffee. You're free-falling
weightlessly. You release the cup. The cup floats weightlessly next to you;
spilled coffee floats weightlessly next to you and the cup.

In the first
scenario, you're under gravity's influence. You're gravitating instead of
accelerating. In the second scenario, you're under acceleration's influence.
You're accelerating instead of gravitating.

By substituting for gravity,
acceleration can cancel gravity's effects. In fact, acceleration and gravity are
the same thing! Now you know why astronauts float weightlessly within an
accelerating space shuttle orbiting the Earth.

Using "g" to symbolize
gravity, Einstein's mass-energy equivalence formula "E = Fa x c2" can be
rewritten as "E = Fg x c2."


Electromagnetic energy is a specific type of energy.

Examples of
electromagnetic energy are radio frequencies, microwaves, terahertz radiation,
infrared radiation, visible radiation (light) http://www.packersfanspro.com/…..ml?cat=888 ,
ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays.

Using "EM" to symbolize
electromagnetic energy, Einstein's mass-energy equivalence formula "E = Fg x c2"
can be rewritten as "EM = Fg x c2."


"EM = Fg x c2" combines gravity with electromagnetism, meeting the
criterion for being the theory of everything. So we can stop rewriting
Einstein's mass-energy equivalence formula. Since "EM = Fg x c2" focuses on
electromagnetic energy and force per gravity, we can rename this formula
"electromagnetic-energy and force-per-gravity equivalence."

This formula
states that electromagnetic energy equals force divided by gravity multiplied by
the speed of light squared. In other words, electromagnetic energy and force per
gravity are equivalent – the same thing!

Theory of Everything:
Electromagnetic-Energy and Force-per-Gravity Equivalence

Formula: EM =
Fg x c2


EM = electromagnetic energy,
F = force,
= gravity,
c2 = the speed of light squared.

Notice that
electromagnetic energy and gravity are inversely related. The stronger the
gravity, the weaker the electromagnetic energy. The weaker the gravity, the
stronger the electromagnetic energy.


may be wondering, "Are electromagnetic energy and gravity really inversely
related? And if so, why?" To answer your questions, we need to turn our
attention to a phenomenon called gravitational redshift.

redshift occurs when electromagnetic energy such as a light beam escapes from a
gravitational field. As the light beam escapes, its color shifts toward red. Red
means that the light beam has lost energy, has a longer wavelength, and appears
to travel slower in time.

Gravity's ability to stretch a light beam's
wavelength, causing energy loss, and its ability to slow down a light beam's
speed doesn't make sense; because the speed and frequency of light can't be

In fact, gravity can't really slow down a light beam's speed
and frequency – but it can slow down time related to the light beam! And that's
exactly how gravity Boosting Self Esteem In A Child June 20, 2012 | Author:
cmyarbrough76 | Posted in S.

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