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9:20 pm
October 11, 2016



posts 334

Danny Duffy To Miss Next Start – RealGM Wiretap
Danny Duffy is dealing with inflammation Curtis
Martin Jersey
 , but the shoulder itself is "structurally sound,"
according to the Kansas City Royals.


Duffy threw one pitch against the New York Yankees on Saturday before leaving
because of left shoulder soreness.


"He has rotator cuff inflammation and will require three, four days' rest
before being re-evaluated," Dayton Moore said. "He will not make his next


Duffy's 2.42 ERA is third best in the American League behind Chicago's Chris
Sale and Seattle's Felix Hernandez.

simple. Your marketing message stands or falls by your headline. Your
headline carries the majority of the weight in getting your prospects attention
and no message gets read if the attention of the potential client isn?t won. I
have been able to increase the conversion rate of sales letters by as much as 70
and more by simply changing the headline. The same way in which newspaper
editors look for the catchiest headline to place on their front pages so that
people would buy their newspapers, so you must write the best headline if you
expect to get your wares sold. Below I share some of the very best guidelines or
principles to successful headline writing. Most of these guidelines emerge from
real world testing and judging the results of winning direct marketing letters
from the past. In other words, a great headline idea is not just a theoretical
entity but a marketing tool that comes out of the crucible of real world
marketing. Here are 10 of the most effective headline writing strategies: 1. The
?how to? headline. Sometimes the common and ubiquitous can fool us into taking a
pattern for granted but this tried and true headline writing formula would never
lose its effectiveness. ?How to? in a headline implies that you are going to be
giving practical instructions on how to accomplish a goal versus just theory.
Think of the many best selling books that have ?how to? as part of their titles
such as ?How to Win Friends and Influence People?. 2. Make the subject ?newsy?.
People love to discover things that are new and interesting and want to keep
abreast as to what is going on in the world. How else could you explain 24 hr
news channels such as CNN? If you word your headline like you are making a
newsworthy announcement then you?ll get attention. Consider: ?At Last! A New Way
To Stop Hair Loss.? Just make it ?breaking news? and you?ll have your reader?s
attention. 3. Make a paradoxical claim. Consider these headlines: ?How to lose
weight while eating more!? ?How to make money online without a website!? All
these claims states a contradiction and builds a tension in the reader?s mind
that can only be resolved when he reads the rest of the copy, which is the main
purpose of any headline?to get the rest of the sales letter read. Brainstorm and
see if you can come up with a paradoxical headline for your product and tell
another ?David beating Goliath? story with your sales copy. 4. Demonstrate your
products main claim. If you are making a very bold claim for your product you
can try demonstrating this claim right in the headline. For example, ?New
Blogging Tool Made New Jersey Man $103,657 in Just 30 Days!? Here the claim is
that this new tools can make bloggers a lot of money within a short time and the
headline shows this instead of just telling it. 5. State the claim as a
question. One of the most effective applications of this strategy is the ?Who
Else Wants ?? style headlines, such as ?Who Else Wants To Make More Money Than
They Ever Made In A Year In Just One Month?? Similar questions could be ?Could
You Spare An Extra 30 Minutes Marketing If It Made You Over $100,000 Per Year??
6. Make the claim easy by comparing it to something simple. Consider this
headline: ?If You Could Copy And Paste Then You Can Get More Customers For
Free!? The taks of copy and pasting is something easy enough so that it will
make this claim universally accessible to the reader. 7. Warn the reader about
not getting your product. You may want to state upfront the negative
consequences that would result if the reader didn?t get your product. Fro
example, ?Do Not Buy Another Traffic Tool Until You Read This Report.? Because
the reader doesn?t want to make a mistake then she is compelled to get this
report if only to place her mind at ease. 8. Shock the reader by contradicting
the way he thinks. This is close to the paradoxical strategy because it creates
dissonance that only reading the copy could solve. Consider: ?Article Marketing
Is A Waste Of Time And Money?Here?s A Better Way!? Because it is generally
accepted that article marketing is one of the best ways to market online then
this headline gets attention because the reader initially disagrees. (TIP: More
people pay attention to you who DISAGREES with you than who AGREE with you!) 9.
Show how the values and heroes of the reader match your claim. If you can find
the main values and the heroes of your readers and show how these are all
supported by your claim then you have a winning headline. If Tiger Woods uses a
certain golf ball then your prospect will pay more attention than if an unknown
did the same. Your readers will listen to and follow those who share their same
values and beliefs. 10. Harness the reader?s dominant emotion towards your
market. This strategy works well for markets that have seen several products and
several different claims and may be weary of products that didn?t live up to
their expectation. These readers are therefore weary of advertising. A headline
which acknowledges and empathize with this frustration will work magic. For
example in the MLM market it may be well to try a headline such as, ?Are you
Sick And Tired Of Being Ripped Off By MLM Companies?? Here the prospect is wooed
into reading the rest of your copy because you are starting at the point she is
at to bring her to where you want her?to making the sale. .

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