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Independent escorts in Bangalore

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5:18 am
November 30, 2016



posts 11

escorts in Bangalore

We are an united team of Independent
escorts in Bangalore
working as freelancers in the business of escorting in

We are concupiscent in our job and are lascivious in
escorting the best men and we are aroused women in the field of escorting and
are libidinous escorts
in Bangalore

We have enlisted and submitted our self with our own free
will in the field of escorting and are fervidly devoted to our profession of
escorting and the camaraderie with the independent
escorts in Bangalore
is built with certitude and positiveness and we live
as a team.


The passion of escorting had brought us together and not all
women who had opted to be as escorts are analogous in nature and each of us has
a story to recite and we have narrated our confessions in the blog section of
this site.

We have been discussing various subjects on this site on our
views and we have honestly confessed our story in living a life of an Independent
escort in Bangalore

We are devoted in our career as an Independent escort in
Bangalore and every bit of our womanliness prides in escorting the paying
connoisseur of the day and every comrade in our team of   Independent escort in Bangalore aspires to
be the best courtesan in the city of Bangalore.

We live as falling soldiers living a life of an Independent
escort in Bangalore
and with a life of  
bewilderment and ambiguity we have united in writing down our pains and
pleasure in pursuing a career as an escort
in Bangalore

We have wholly devoted in our life in being an Independent
escort in Bangalore
and with the faith and allegiance we live as a prided
breed of women who pursue a life living with a man a day and we never wanted to
live with any man the next day and we get enough men in our life to pride

We Independent
escorts in Bangalore
believe success comes only with impromptu and with
skirmish and belief is the power and we escorts are earnest women and are  aware of the truth that belief is power and
belief is the dynamic power in transformation of our life.

We are conscience women aware of the society which howls and
hullabaloo us as outcasts and we never attempt to justify our acts nor do we
need sympathy and we prefer living the secured life of an Independent
escort in Bangalore

We Independent
escorts in Bangalore
believe the strength of the women in us and utilize it
and we let the power of the women take over our self in the escorting business
and we pride in being a breed apart.

Our life as career as an Independent
escort in Bangalore
is like the box of miracles and we expect surprises on
day to day basis and no day is predetermined and we are prepared for the worse
when we have seen the hell we escorts are well geared to face a new day with
twilight in our eyes.

Our men are not our men and we are hired on hourly
basis   and it just happened we live with
a man who is owned by an another women and we never ever thought of owning the
man we slept with yesterday night or the day before and our men keep coming
over and over again.

We Independent escort over the years had been groomed in the
art of lusting and posses enough exposure and savoir-faire in managing a
satyriasis and not all men are lust full and most men are just flamed with lust
full desires.

We are into the business of escorting with a zeal and are
steaming and oozes a raunchy and stimulated flavor to enchanter his time with
us escorts.

We are exotic divine women molded   to perfection serving the aphrodisiac to the
men who deserves the best the world has to offer and our services are
Unparallel and we prefer being called as courtesans or exotic divine women.

Independent escorts in Bangalore
are practicing the art of escorting in the
city of Bangalore with a devoted mind and devoutness in our passion of
escorting and we independent escorts are blissful and prided in our job as
Independent escorts in Bangalore

Escorting is not like any other Industry and we Independent
escorts in Bangalore
are in the business of escorting selling love and lust
and we clearly understand that we are selling a mirage product that does not
have any physical or concrete measurements.

Love is a product that has no measurements or leveled
computation of its being and no one had claimed as

‘I had been showered with so much love and lust and I am
flabbergasted in my life”

“I am extremely happy of having been gifted in my life for
getting love in abundance”

For that matter of concern anything in excess is blissful
and we escorts are truly aware of the fact and we are perfected in the art of
selling love and lust.

We are similar to the entertaining artist who survives in
the tinsel world entertaining the audience and we Independent
escorts in Bangalore
persevere in this world bartering and merchandising
love and lust as our commodity.

We Independent
escorts in Bangalore
are not trained as professional doctors or engineers
in our line of activity and we do not claim superiority in our business of
escorting but honestly confess axiom and lucidness in our professional life as

Men seek an escort for different reasons and lusting his
fantasy is not alone   in a man who prowls
for a women and a woman had been a creature for caring and love and is bestowed
in nature with nurturing and fostering characters and a clinic will always have
female nurses to treat its patient and man seeks and prowls and yearn for a
women not to quiche his lust but for some care and affection.

With our experience and sustainability in the business of
escorting we have cared for lots of men and over the years we have tamed the
tenacious and stalwart of man and are focused in our job of selling love and

It would be hard for a women to sell herself in this world
and an outfit like this will ensure a safer ground for herself and for  a client to expect quality and money worth
and we are a united team of Independent
escorts in Bangalore
pursuing the job of escorting trumpeting and
priding  our self as the best of Independent
escorts in Bangalore

We Independent
Escorts in Bangalore
have pursued the job of escorting after a long
struggle with our conscience and a mental trauma and have been procrastinating
the thought of becoming an escort for a long time with the honest repugnance or
aversion of sleeping with many men.

We Independent
Escorts in Bangalore
had our druthers but to pursue the escorting business
and once we are in the line of activity we never regretted the thought of being
an escort but are blessed with good colleagues around us who are positively
influenced and do energize the new comers with the same positive energy.

We   Independent
Escorts in Bangalore
work united with lack of discrimination among us on
the basis religion or language and are constantly boosting our morals with each
other and we strongly accredit and postulate the fact escorting is a divine
duty to the society regardless of the misanthropist and the kind hearted
Samaritans who we only good preachers in their professions.

 We never stood in
dispute of those who are stiff in their thoughts and oppose our business of
escorting and never tried or wanted to sustain our trade in making a wrangle or
feud with the cynic who believe escorting is ignominy and obloquy in this

We Independent
Escorts in Bangalore
prefer living a free spirited life and we have no
regrets and we were never consciously guilty of being an escort and sleeping
with many men and we do honestly envy the women who prefers the one man in her
life ! !.

And for the man who tries to pity us for  being an escort we would be request the
gentle man to be generous in donating us so we many survive in our short lived career
as an escort in Bangalore

service in Bangalore

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