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Most Effective Aerobic Workout Plans for Weight Loss

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2:47 am
October 26, 2016



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Most people want to lose weight the easy way and often fall to fad workout routines.
If that was possible and sustainable we all could have lean bodies and
need not worry about what we ate. You’re probably thinking, that sounds
really awesome. However, some effort is required to achieve maximum and
long term effects. Aerobic/Cardio happens to be one of the best
exercises for weight loss as it burns body fat efficiently and delivers
continuous effect to your body. Here are top aerobic workouts for weight
Ski Machines

It’s a pulsing machine that provides
large muscle movements and a powerful aerobic workout. Ski machines
involve the use of legs and arms, therefore, toning the lower and upper
body. One challenge that it poses to some people at first is
coordination of the legs and arms. But after frequent use and mastering
the move, the co-ordination improves. It’s a low impact exercise making
it best option for people with joint problems. It helps strengthen the
heart and balance blood pressure, burns calories and takes control of
your weight.

This is perhaps the oldest and most
practiced aerobic activity and most effectual of the cardio available.
The benefits are huge as it includes the whole body giving you a
complete body workout and toning. Been a weight bearing exercise it
helps in building strong bones and reinforce muscles. Jogging uses the
aerobic energy and aid in burning fat and maintains the weight. It’s
also good for cardiovascular health.
Stair Climbing

the stairs is one of the simplest exercises that exist as a cardio
exercise that will instantly increase your heart rate. Due to the fact
that one uses bodyweight to push step after the other, it engages a
collection of muscles resulting in a full lower body workout. Thus, if
looking to lose weight, burn calories, strengthen and tone some compound
muscles, then stair climbing offers all the mentioned benefits.

have cycled from our childhood and loved the experience. Why not keep
fit while riding your bicycle and enjoying at the same time. Cycling
employs different muscles, which delivers astounding results. It works
and tones your lower body promoting cardiovascular fitness. Makes bones
stronger and help in osteoporosis as the exercise fits all ages.
Brisk Walking

rehabilitating an injury or in your old age, brisk walking is a good
and low impact exercise that protects your legs. It can be done anywhere
and anytime as it’s all about walking. It can be walking in your
neighborhood, to the grocery store or walking your baby. If you happen
to live near areas where you can walk, no need of using a car, just take
a walk.

Aerobic exercises are fantastic workout plans
for weight loss as the exercises appear simple but quite powerful. The
benefits obviously are losing weight, making your bones strong, and
improve your cardiovascular health. Overall, giving you and amazing
complete body workout.

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