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Wooden flooring set out a better home life

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6:53 pm
October 16, 2016



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In recent years, people's living standards are gradually improved, for the consistency of home decoration and aesthetics have a better understanding of the wooden floor is a decoration than each household to consider a critical issue, Xiao Bian today to give you 1, ground finishing, clean up the ground of building residues, Environmentally friendly composite decking board such as: cement residue, gravel, etc., need to shovel out with a shovel blade. For a small amount of uneven ground, can be used to cut flat or fill some quick-drying cement. In the floor pavement, but also pay attention to the height of the door reserved. The correct order should be the first door, then laying the floor.

How to determine the height of the door when the reservation, the door along the lower edge of the minimum distance with the floor 5mm, so when installing the door, the reserved height: keel height (35mm), mat height (2mm) The floor thickness (9 mm) and the floor thickness (15 mm) totaled 61 mm + 5 mm, totaling 66 mm. Paving the floor,Wear non-slip type backyard flooring if the space is not enough, then use the saw in the door along the next, the excess will be sawed off. 2, open the baseboard hole, open skirting hole, hole distance 500mm ± 10mm, diameter should be smaller than the diameter of wood chips 3-5mm, nailed into the wooden wedge, wooden wedge to be dry and stable not loose. 3, thoroughly clean the ground health, do not underestimate this problem, the ground cleanliness is very important. Clean up is not clean, easy to cause the ground is not flat, paved the floor after the arch from the sound, while the cracks in the floor to take ash and other issues.

4, the laying of moisture-proof membrane, the laying of the standard requirements: laying 0.2mm thick moisture-proof membrane; seam overlap 200mm, and tightly sealed with tape, rely on the wall to be cited 50-60mm. 5, laying mats, mats can not overlap, seams with 60mm wide tape seal, surrounded by a side cited 30-50mm, shall not exceed the baseboard line prevail. If the floor mats are thicker, the floor mats overlap will be higher, will lead to the floor from the arch. 6,Ecological WPC outdoor fence the direction of pavement, floor pavement in principle, the use of paving along the light (that is, the direction of the long side of the floor with the direction of indoor lighting), if there are two options, then we like backgammon (horizontal pavement at the door) Way or a Shun Baishun (at the door along the pavement) of the pavement.

7, pavement, the word shop, pavement pavement, very random mix and match pavement there are some new pavement methods, such as herringbone products, field word fight and so on. These assembly methods, the mix and match the loss of the least, 369 times, other ways of loss will be too large. In addition to the size of the loss and the way pavement,cheap wood flooring in Serbia and the floor size, room size have a relationship, usually in the 3% -5%, special size or shape will be greater. It should be noted that: stitch length can not be less than 300mm. 8, the color of the preselection, according to the color depth of the gradual transition, but the dark color of the floor should be placed on the light where the color is too large for the laying of furniture in the following or other. Europe and the United States as early as the current trend, many people choose to mix and match the pavement that such a more natural style to restore

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