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Thickness of solid wood flooring

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6:59 pm
September 26, 2016



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Because the standard floor thickness of geothermal floor is 6.5 ~ 8.5mm, the thickness of composite floor is mostly 6 ~ 9mm, of which 6 ~ 8mm for laminate flooring, 8 ~ 9mm for three-layer parquet, better heat transfer performance The surface layer of wear-resistant layer of aluminum oxide, the wear-resistant layer is conducive to the rapid spread of heat on the ground.outdoor fence

The general thickness of solid wood flooring in the 2cm or so, the installation also hit the keel, used as a floor to ground, then the floor and the ground between the air, air and wood are very low thermal conductivity, so heat is not easy to conduct to the surface, will lead to heat Of the waste, the surface temperature is uneven, the temperature difference is obvious. And the composite floor is pressed through high temperature, the internal moisture content is very small, so the floor will not be lost because of the deformation of water. Multi-layer parquet floor each staggered, to contain each other, the back there is a dense anti-deformation groove, decomposition of the heating surface of the stress, so the deformation is small. Solid wood flooring water content is high, in the case of long-term high temperature heating, easy to crack deformation.swimming pool decking

If you have to use ordinary solid wood flooring, then, should try to use the back of the membrane layer of the floor, because it can moisture moisture, and can keep the wood moisture content and the surrounding environment, moisture balance. Lock the floor design is more conducive to heat transfer is worth mentioning that in the composite floor, the effect of lock-type floor and better than other products, because the hook with a small gap between the floor, so even if the floor is exposed to moisture, Expansion is not easy to take shape. In addition, consumers should also try to use small size products, so that the product thermal deformation uniform.wood-plastic composite decking

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