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Solid wood flooring daily maintenance issues

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7:22 pm
September 26, 2016



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Flooring maintenance, the most critical is the wood floor of the surface of the film, but because the wood surface of the film varies, so the maintenance methods will vary. Here, take a look at the different methods of different wooden floor maintenance it! Elegant wooden floor design home. Nitro wood varnish floor,Durable Balcony Flooring the film is made of polished grease, poor water resistance, it is not appropriate to wipe with a damp cloth or water, so as not to lose luster and from the shell.

Specific methods: every six months or months, with polishing wax rubbed, and then wipe the net cotton yarn can be. Usually in use, the use of soft towels or cotton yarn to erase the dust on the film can be. As the nitro-wood varnish heat resistance is also poor corrosion resistance, the use should pay attention to anti-exposure, anti-smoke. Wide paint and raw lacquer flooring, these two kinds of paint are more advanced coatings, and has good water resistance, swimming pool decking high temperature performance, and natural features, by the characteristics of deep shallow, after finishing can gradually restore the original background, During use can not use low-temperature water often wipe.

Polyurethane paint flooring, the paint film has a strong high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and acid resistance and other characteristics, and its maintenance methods and nitro wood varnish floor is basically similar, but not water wipe, so as not to wipe Surface lipids, while reducing the surface gloss. Alkyd lacquer flooring. Alkyd varnish is the varnish can be the leader in the varnish, daily use, such as wet cloth or soft towel wipe, outdoor flooring should not put the hot objects on this floor, can not use plastic paper or a class of paper cover the surface. But often waxing, to maintain the floor finish, extend the high-level solid wood flooring (high-grade solid wood flooring). Third, avoid contact with water. Avoid high-grade solid wood flooring (high-grade solid wood flooring) with a lot of water contact; avoid acidic, alkaline liquid wipe, so as not to damage the surface finish of the floor finish.

Fourth, to avoid sharp objects scratch the ground, to avoid sharp objects scratch the ground, not in the senior solid wood flooring (high-grade solid wood flooring) throw cigarette butts or directly placed too hot things,Waterproof balcony flooring try to avoid dragging heavy furniture. 5, a lot of attention to daily use. High-grade solid wood flooring (high-grade solid wood flooring) In the course of use, if the individual floor from the shell or fall off, should promptly take the floor, shovel to the old plastic and ash, coated with new plastic compaction. 3-5 months to play a wax is the best solid wood floor maintenance methods, but before the wax and water to wipe clean the stains.

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