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Oak flooring how to choose

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7:02 pm
October 18, 2016



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There are many types of wood flooring board, solid wood flooring in the kind of oak flooring is very popular, what is the oak flooring it? Oak flooring advantages and disadvantages of what? First, the basic information on oak,cheap wood flooring in Sydney oak in Europe and the United States Very rich, according to incomplete statistics, and now the annual growth of oak resources is greater than the annual use, has become a sustainable benign use of timber resources. In order to legally and rationally use oak resources, many European and American farms invited third parties to forest certification of their oak resources, therefore, the use of oak resources in line with sustainable forest development, in line with the requirements of the development of circular economy, in line with the low-carbon economy development strategy.

Second, what is the oak floor? With oak made of solid wood flooring, known as the oak wood flooring. With oak for the panel made of solid wood flooring, known as the oak wood composite flooring. With cork oak and cork bark made of wood flooring, called cork flooring. 3, wood solid wood flooring Dongnuanxialiang, New type wood plastic composite deckingJiaogan comfortable; 3, wood flooring, wood flooring, wood flooring, wood flooring, wood flooring, wood flooring,4, wood solid wood flooring floor stability is relatively good. Fourth, the purchase of oak wood flooring to avoid what errors? Misunderstanding: laying Daixinban when laying, some consumers in order to over-the pursuit of foot feeling, like the keel on the additional layer of Daixinban. In fact, Daxin board quality varies greatly, poor quality core will affect the oak flooring pavement quality.

Therefore, if consumers have to pursue a high foot feeling, we must choose the market sales of brand-name Daixinban products. Misunderstanding 2: only re-buy does not re-pavement, oak flooring has a direct paste method, keel laying method, suspension laying method, no matter what kind of laying method, high performance teak boat decking we must choose a good construction team, adhere to the " The use of low-quality accessories do not shop; too hasty schedule, can not implement the process does not shop; found that the quality of the product does not shop; requires absolutely no flat color difference is not shop. Misunderstanding 3: do not attach importance to routine maintenance, some consumers do not think that wood flooring products are carefully maintained, with the mop drag the floor directly on the heating drip not mind, this way, flooring products are prone to discoloration, deformation, cracks, etc. problem. The use of wood flooring, the manufacturers must be required by the regular maintenance of the floor.

Misunderstanding 4: oak wood flooring is not environmentally friendly, there are consumers that natural wood contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, combined with the veneer between the multi-layer bonding, oak wood flooring in the high formaldehyde content, not environmental protection. In fact, as long as the formaldehyde emission control as long as the provisions of the national standard, you can rest assured that use. Misunderstanding 5: the separation of sales and laying the two,cheap wood flooring at the pier the higher the quality of solid wood flooring and parquet brand manufacturers generally have a professional team or pavement pavement professional guide to ensure that the products sold pavement services. If consumers encounter sales and pavement is not the same unit, it is necessary to increase vigilance, once the future problems, it is likely to cause the two prevarication with each other, resulting in miserable consumers.

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