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Character from the end of red wine Man's posture

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11:12 pm
August 24, 2016



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Holding a cup body: This man gentle, kind-hearted, compassionate, a wide range of friends, won the love of friends. But this type of people tend to be more vulnerable, less mental capacity, lacks a sense of security, which revealed the subconscious needs love and be loved.clear drinking glass cup

Satisfy cup body: This is the portrayal of a caring person, assertive, responsible, reliable, does not follow the crowd, friend or lover, it is a more suitable candidate. As a man, gives a sense of security, as a woman, to give people a feeling of virtuous gentle Housekeeping.nursery seedling trays

Holding a cup column: This is a typical grip cup tasters common position, or in a long-term drinking habit, they generally does not reflect the character. But observe, that often the wine glass in his hand and continue to rotate people shaking observed, showing slack, casual and personality of its own way, like performance, outgoing, sociable and have a good Yixing Yuan. In men, lack of reliable, fun more than in women, lack of deep, shallow spare.Colorfull Splash Water

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