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Forming Lasting Relationships

Forming Lasting Relationships

To form and build lasting relationships you must first learn how to relate with people.  This comes easier to some than others, but none-the-less is a critical element of bonding with others.  Why is this important?  Well, because if you want or need someone to do something for you there’s a much higher likelihood that they’ll help you out if you’ve formed a relationship.
So if I’m not good at building relationships or know best how to relate with others, what can I do? How can I improve or hone that skill?  Two great tips to better relate with others and form relationships is to find common ground and to discover what the other person is interested in.


Building lasting relationships are part of the average day life.

Find common ground
In order to quickly build relationships it’s important to find common ground between you and the other person you need the relationship with.  What might you have in common with them?  You might both have kids near the same age or kids that go to the same school.  You might have gone to the same University or have played similar sports growing up.  Whatever it is, if you have something in common to talk about outside work it will help you relate with one another, and eventually have the potential to form real, lasting relationships.
Discover their interests
Of course there are similarities in this and finding common ground, but this is more specific.  For guys it’s easy to relate with one another due to most guys passion for sports.  Discover what sport they like or what team(s) they follow.
Current events is another easy way to relate, but it’s not really a basis to form lasting relationships around.  The best way to “discover” is to ask questions.  You’re not learning when you’re talking, so ask and listen and you’ll soon discover those things that you might have in common.
The key is all about building …


Creating long lasting relationships is part of the average day life, it is essential to make an effort to find common ground or discover their interest to successfully build long lasting relationships.


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