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Deploying Lean: Don’t Wait until it’s too Late

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the analogy of the burning platform, but in essence it is the case for action.  Don’t wait until the fire is a blazing until you take action.  Often times businesses wait until it’s too late until they find that sense of urgency to take action.  A downturn in the economy, a lost proposal or client, winning a large contact with no contingency plan; whatever your burning platform might be, I encourage you to continuously develop and execute a strategy that’s forward-looking.

Lean is a great methodology for any business to deploy to do three things: reduce the lead time of your product or service, reduce the non-value added activity throughout your business that leads to dwindling profits, and create much needed capacity to grow your business efficiently and profitably.

Lean not only helps you drive results directly to your bottom-line, but enable you to grow your business.  Anyone can add resources, buildings, equipment, etc., but not many use Lean as a strategic enabler to maximize your profitability.



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