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Increasing Efficiency with Simplicity

September 29th, 2010

Over-production is a type of waste. It has many different incarnations, but they all end up with a company spending money on something that generates no profit. Oftentimes, there are very small parts of your business flow that generate this waste and they can be tough to identify. In some cases, they may seem so small that their impact on your profitability is disproportionate, at first glance. Objective analysis of a business’s workflow, however, quite often reveals them to have very significant impacts. Read More »

What’s Constraining Your Company?

September 11th, 2010

The Theory of Constraints has to do with increasing efficiency at a company. Constraints are anything that prevents your company from working at its maximum level of efficiency. In order to bring this efficiency up to par with the modern business world, you have to first make an objective assessment of all of your processes and identify where those processes could be changed to make the workplace more efficient. This doesn’t mean being a brutal taskmaster with a stopwatch who looks for any and every flaw in their employee’s practices. In fact, it makes work more pleasant for everyone. Read More »



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